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As long as we have breath there is HOPE

The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice Everyday we have the power to choose.  We can choose what to think, what to say, what to do. We can choose how to react. We choose how to lead or how to follow.  If we really take a step back and look at our life, moment by moment comes down to choices.  This can sound simple but in reality it can be challenging.  Often times we fly through our day making chocis based almost entirely off habits and patterns that we arent even aware of.   The same way we automatically breath, we often automatically choose.  But does it have to be that way? What if we stepped off the treadmill of automation and became more aware of the underlining choices we are makign each day.  What impact could that have our our marriage? What impact could that have on our relationships with other people.   Are the thoughts, words, and actions supporting the direction you want your life to go? Or are they a distraction, an obstacle to, or a hindrance to what you actually want?  Often times the biggest change in our life starts with awareness and then moves

The Power of HOPE

As long as we have breath there is HOPE Do you beleive it? Hope Relentless has had the privelege and the honor of servign and supporting marriages for nearly two decades.  Over that time and from the experiences of our own marriages we have learned the power of HOPE.  We have had couples recover from some of the most challenging of circumstanes; infidelity, business failure, bankruptcy, death of a child, addictions, abuse, and the list of challenging situations goes on.   But in each of those situations, atleast one person had HOPE.  When attending a 70th wedding anniversary celebration, one of the guests asked the long and happily married couple what the key to their 70 years was.  The wife responded, "We never both lost hope at the same time." Wow, life has many seasons of life.  I can only imagine what 70 years of living life with the same person.  The seasons, the ups and the downs, the celebrations, the births, the weddings, and the funerals that this couple would have experienced together.  Now dont get me wrong, there are practical skills, knowledge, wisdom, patterns that we can use to the advantage of our