The Power of HOPE

Posted by on 19-11-2022 12:44 AM

As long as we have breath there is HOPE

Do you beleive it? Hope Relentless has had the privelege and the honor of servign and supporting marriages for nearly two decades.  Over that time and from the experiences of our own marriages we have learned the power of HOPE.  We have had couples recover from some of the most challenging of circumstanes; infidelity, business failure, bankruptcy, death of a child, addictions, abuse, and the list of challenging situations goes on.


But in each of those situations, atleast one person had HOPE.  When attending a 70th wedding anniversary celebration, one of the guests asked the long and happily married couple what the key to their 70 years was.  The wife responded,

"We never both lost hope at the same time."

Wow, life has many seasons of life.  I can only imagine what 70 years of living life with the same person.  The seasons, the ups and the downs, the celebrations, the births, the weddings, and the funerals that this couple would have experienced together.  Now dont get me wrong, there are practical skills, knowledge, wisdom, patterns that we can use to the advantage of our marriage.  But lets looks at that quote again.

"We never both lost hope at the same time."

It is both sobering and powerful.  As people, as spouses we are not perfect.  We will come up short.  We will dissapoint one another.  We will need to give and receive forgiveness.  As long as one person has Hope then the relationship stands a chance.  It can be the smallest flame from a nealry burnt out candle.  But if there is hope then restoration and reconciliation can be experienced.

Hope Relentless Marriage and Relationship Center

We look for the hope. Once our team finds it we hold onto this hope.  We beleive that marriage is an incredible gift.  A gift that is to be cherished, cared for, looked after.  Marriage is a gift, a relationship where we can explore what it is to be fully known and fully accepted.  Something incredible happens when a husband and a wife let down the guard to one another and fully embrace the strengths and weaknesses of one another.

Our team of counselors works with couples who flame of hope has begun to dwindle.  Often times marriages experience a reduction in romance.  As life, careers, kids take more and more time, the marriage is often the relationship that is unintentianlly put on the back bruner.  We guide and support couples in what it looks like to have an intentional marriage.  We have seen first hand how quickly a relationship can go from low romance, low laughter, low satisfaction, to joyful, intimate, and incredibly satisfying.  

If you find your marriage in a rut we would be honored to support you in this season. Reach out and let our team know how we can best support, encourage, and equip you and your significant other.

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